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Custom Graphic Design

Our Custom Graphic Design Service is  for Bosses who require a tailored Graphic Design service which compliments their business.  We do all the work for you and we have a speedy turn-around so you won't be kept waiting for too long, we aim to prioritise you and your business needs. These designs will be solely made for the business owner and not re-sold or re-used. We can go from the initial idea stage all the way through until completion of your design.


We aim to ensure that your Business will stand out online, look professional and 

we are determined to succeed in any task given to us. Let's elevate your business Today! 

Simply fill in the form below to tell us more about you and your requirements and we'll respond shortly. 

Graphic Design Services We Offer:

Website Design & Development.


We specialize in website design for Wix and Shopify, however we also have website design experience and development experience which includes coding.  A website needs to look appealing and trustworthy to your audience if you want to monetize it or use it to gain a following and collect leads.

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Social Media is a great way to promote your business and make new connections, hopefully leading to sales.

We care about your social media and want it to look cohesive, professional and aim for you to stand out from the crowd online.

Here's some Graphic Design Social Media Ideas: 

Social Media Flyers, Instagram Story Designs, Instagram Posts, Video Introduction Designs for a Youtube Channel and Instagram Highlight Covers are just a few ways you can make your business look great on social media. 

We offer a wide range of Branding Services

to super-charge your business and

transform it into a professional brand,

visually and strategically.


This can include: Logo Design, Packaging

Design, Poster Design and More. 

We provide a Design for Print service where we will design anything you need to get printed. 

Printing materials for your business is a great promotional and marketing tool.

We are based in the UK, and if you are also from the UK we are able to provide printing services and send you your prints.  


We have had the pleasure of serving clients across the globe. If we can't print your designs and send them to you  from us, we can certainly recommend trusted professional printing services for you to use and get your designs printed. 

You can also get a quote for a design only project, made for print.

We pride ourselves on producing High Quality graphics which will look great for print and ensure that nothing will get cut off during the print process. 

Here's some Graphic Design for Print Business Ideas: Business Cards, Thank You Cards, Loyalty Cards, Price Lists, Brochures, Menus and Posters are good examples.


Graphic Design
for Social Media.


Graphic Design for Print.





If you're looking for a service that isn't listed here, feel free to contact us!  We have extensive experience and have designed for many different platforms and uses. 

Our Reviews

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S. Mudau

Thank you very much for a beautiful social media template. Excellent service, I highly recommend The Digital Cohort,  she is a professional with great turn around time.


The Digital Cohort are extremely professional, easy to communicate with and willing to go above and beyond to bring my vision as a business owner to life. Her turnaround was quick and she was so pleasant to work with during edits.


Young, dynamic designer with fresh ideas.

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