10 Days worth of FREE Social Media Content Ideas / Prompts for Boss Babes and Bloggers.

Updated: Jun 28

Hi There!

Does this sound like you?

  1. Do you feel like you have ran out of ideas on what to post on your social media profiles?

  2. Are you stuck on what to post and what will interest your target audience?

  3. Is your social media currently not getting much engagement?

If you answered YES to any of the following questions , Then this guide is FOR YOU and will definitely help you solve all the problems listed above.

I’m even going to give you a sneak peek of the guide and provide you with three days of content ideas / prompts from this amazing resource.

These prompts could also be used to help bloggers with their content. Just use your initiative and think of ideas on how you could implement these prompts for your blog posts.

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DAY 01- Introduce Yourself to your Followers

For Day 1 , you can introduce yourself to your followers. Letting your followers know something interesting about you, your mission, why you started your blog / business and so on.

Day 02 – Take a video tour / take a photo of your current workspace.

People like to see how you work, where you may work and what a day in the life is for you. Sharing your workspace is a great way to show your audience where the magic happens and you could also discuss if you have any plans /dreams in the future to get to where you are now to your current workspace goals. This shows you’re on a journey too and makes you relatable to your audience.

Day 03 – Post about what results and benefits someone can get from your Product / Services / Blog.

This one is quite self-explanatory, you can tell your audience about what results and benefits they would get from your blog / product / service. This can help your audience clearly see what your product / service / blog has to offer them and give them more reasons as why they should buy from you without being too spammy or salesy.

As you can see from the first three Days of content examples for social media, these prompts are very easy to use and follow.

Now are you ready to keep going and push yourself to follow this guide forward and complete a whole 10 Days of Social Media Content?!

To access the free guide which will include the following three prompts above PLUS 6 more content ideas! The content provided gives you different formats to try and experiment with so you can see what works best for your audience and aims to get you out of your comfort zone.

I challenge you to complete the 10 Days of the guide and then review your social media and how you feel at the end – Do you feel better about posting on social media and have more of an idea of what to post?

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Thank you for reading this post I hope you have found it useful and now have a good idea of what content you can post on social media.