10 Social Media / Blog Content Ideas For Business Owners

Updated: Jun 28


Are you struggling with content creation and need some ideas for your blog or social media?

Then you’re in the right place as I’m giving you 10 Content Ideas you can use for your social media and blog.

Some of these can be used even if you’re not a business owner!

Introduce Yourself To Your Audience.

This is pretty self-explanatory .. but tell your audience who you are, what to expect from you if they follow you, the things you enjoy, where your from. Just let them get to know you and say Hello!

Write about Why You Started Your Business / Blog/ Social Media Account.

Is there a reason why you’ve decided to create your blog, social media account or why you started a business?

Tell people your story and why you want to share it with them.

Explain what Problem your Product or Service solves.

When it comes to a product or service, people want to know what’s in it for THEM. They want to know what they can achieve if they buy into your product or services and what transformational results they can expect to get from it.

Write About A Day in Your Life.

Everyone’s day is different, so sharing about a day in your life gives people the chance to see what your reality is and if they relate to you.

Share Results / Testimonials from other customers who have Reviewed your Products or Services.

If you have positive reviews from previous customers, make sure to share them and shout them out! This shows credibility that your products or services work and that other people have gained real results from it.

Write about your Values and Something You’re Passionate About.

Sharing your own values and the things you’re passionate about can show people authenticity.

It can show that you truly care about something and are a genuine person.

This is another chance to give people the ability to relate to you on a personal level, especially if they share similar passions and values.

Share Before and After Results.

If you have someone who has used your services, ask them if you could share their results!

Discuss what situation they were in before they signed up for your services and what their struggles were, then what happened when they joined and how this has made a positive outcome.

This can also be done with products! so for instance, let’s say you were selling a concealer.

Well, maybe you could start with how you have always struggled with dark circles under your eyes or maybe you were fed up with how tired you were looking in the morning before work and a photo of how your face looks before using the concealer. Then explain how the product has made you look more fresh, covered up your dark circles and improved your skin tone.

Then share a photo of yourself with makeup on and the concealer to show the end results.

To do this , just think about the starting point of the journey and what the person is struggling with, what changed .. how did they find something new and different that helped them go through this and finally the end result and how they overcame the struggle.

Ask A Question about What They’d Like to See From You!

Get people involved and show them that you’re thinking of them and are here to help. Ask them if there is anything they would like you to discuss and what they’d like to hear from you about a product or service. Maybe even do a poll or a voting system and then produce content on the most popular response.

Demonstrate How They Can Use Your Products or Services.

If you’re selling products, why not record a video, take step-by-step photos or write a tutorial about how to use a product.

This will show how great the product is and how they can best use it to get results.

If it is a service you’re providing, think about what you use to deliver this service. Maybe explain how they can book a call with you, how you have a membership site or facebook group they can join, how you will support them with worksheets and so on. Maybe you have something free they can use to get a certain result for signing up to your mailing list.

Share Your Hobbies and Interests.

Sharing our hobbies and interests is another way for people to relate to us, if they enjoy doing these things too then it allows a connection to be made and shows relatability.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and would love to know if any of my content ideas have helped you or if you’ll be using any?

Thanks for reading,



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