13 Ways to Improve Your Confidence!

Updated: Jun 28

Hey There!

Today, I am sharing all about How you can feel more confident in yourself.

Pictured above, I wanted to share a photograph of me with you all and I know it’s a bit silly but there is a reason why I’ve shared this, it’s because It’s a perfect example of me feeling confident! This picture was taken when I was with my family and friends at my Birthday Party. Of course, this was before lockdown and when birthday parties were a thing. (I miss those days..)

Now, Let’s go onto how YOU can feel more confident.

Confidence is the key to making us feel more positive, motivated, self-aware and in control.

However, confidence can sometimes be difficult to master and sometimes feels out of reach , especially when we’re feeling low.

That’s why I wanted to share my Top Tips to help raise your self-confidence.. LET’S GO!

  1. Dress Up! Now I’m not saying that we have to look amazing every day, but it sure can make us feel better about ourselves. I always feel a lot more confident when I’ve took the time out to do my makeup, wear a nice outfit and style my hair. It really helps me get started with the day in the right way. If I have not done this in what seems to feel like forever , sometimes I will randomly do it just to make myself feel better!

2. Take A Nice Shower or Bath. Taking time out for yourself, allowing yourself to have a break and relax can really make you feel so much better after doing it.

3. Practice Self-Care. Self-Care is great for a lot of different reasons and is definitely a great motivator to get us feeling confident. I also have a blog post about 30 Free Self-Care Activities you can do, just click here to read it.

4. Give Someone You Care About A Compliment! Yes, that’s right, giving another person a compliment and making them feel good about themselves can make you feel better too! I’m all for random acts of kindness, let’s spread some joy in the world.

5. Listen to Uplifting / Motivating Music or a Podcast – A great song can instantly change your mood and so can listening to something inspirational. It can inspire you and get you in the right zone for different situations.

6. Practice Daily Affirmations – By repeatedly telling yourself positive things every day can actually help you become more confident and convinced that these things will happen for you.

7. Say / Write Out all the Things you’re Grateful For.

-Showing gratitude and thinking about all the things we already have and are thankful for in our lives can truly make us feel more grateful too.

8. Learn To Love Yourself – This can be difficult and take time but start by forgiving yourself and working on your own mindset and letting go of the things you need to. Carrying everything around like a huge burden can be emotionally draining and being constantly negative along with beating yourself up is really not worth it, focus on being happy instead and see how much better you feel!

9. Be Yourself– I love being able to be my true self around my family and friends, knowing that I am not being judged and can be supported. If you feel like you can’t be yourself around people, it may be time to think about this and start friendships with people who you can trust, people who will understand you.

10. Set Goals – If you want to achieve confidence and need to take small steps to get there, why not set realistic goals and celebrate it once you’ve accomplished them! Slowly work up to one of the BIG goals on your list. Also do not beat yourself up for not hitting a goal.. If you never try you can’t succeed. Just know that you really gave it your all and try to gradually improve.

11. Be Happy – Are you happy in your life, yourself and where you are? You don’t need to be constantly changing things and obsessing over things. Just let yourself be happy and enjoy life, work on the things that you want to work on and remember it’s not a marathon.

12. Take Some Time To Focus On Yourself! Don’t give all your energy out and forget about taking care of you. You’re important and you need some time to think about yourself and put you first, otherwise you’ll burn yourself out and not feel any better.

13. Think about what makes you personally feel more confident and do it more often! Own it!

I hope you enjoyed this post and ultimately really hope that some of my tips will help you gain the confidence you need! You’ve got this and you will get there – if you keep on working at it at your own pace and remember not to give up.

Thanks for reading,

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