30 FREE Self-Care Activities You Can Do At Home!

Hey Everyone!

Today I wanted to share with you some self-care activities that you can do for free.

Including self-care in your life, whether it’s daily, weekly or every-so-often is really beneficial.

What Benefits can you achieve from practicing self-care?

Self-Care can promote a healthier lifestyle routine if you’d like to take that route. Many people who ensure to include a self-care routine into their lives often do these things to benefit them: Healthier Eating, A Daily Skincare Routine and Exercising are some examples of taking a self-care routine where you take time out to focus on these things. I personally follow a daily skincare routine!

It can help improve self-love and confidence.

Self-Care gives you the much needed break from a busy schedule and time to focus on yourself. Perfect if you’re feeling burnt out!

Self-Care is the perfect reason to have a nice bath, facial , relax and have some me-time.

Self-Care can help change your mood, especially if you’ve been feeling down.

These are just some of the benefits being more mindful about self-care can bring if you decide to practice it.

List of Free Self-Care Activities

Self-Care doesn’t have to be expensive. This is why I’ve decided to write a list of free self-care activities you can take part in if you’d like!

  1. Read a Book

  2. Take a nice relaxing bath or shower

  3. Moisturise

  4. Paint your nails

  5. Journal

  6. Go for a nice scenic walk

  7. Watch one of your favourite films

  8. Spend time with your friends, family or a loved one

  9. Take a break from work

  10. Have a nap

  11. Listen to your favourite songs

  12. Do some exercise or go for a walk

  13. Style your hair and do your makeup

  14. Dress in your favourite outfit

  15. Call or text a friend, family member or loved one

  16. Watch a motivational TED Talk

  17. Listen to a podcast you like

  18. Meditate

  19. Do some Yoga

  20. Have a cup of tea, coffee or pour yourself your favourite drink

  21. Clean your space. Clean space = Clean Head

  22. Paint or draw a picture

  23. Sing your favourite song

  24. Sew, Knit, Crochet..You get the ideaRecite Positive Affirmations

  25. Give someone a compliment

  26. Start a new hobby you’d like to try

  27. Pick up a hobby you’ve left alone for a while

  28. Write down all the things you’re grateful for

  29. Tell everyone you’re having some me time and then go somewhere quiet to relax

I hope you enjoyed this post and found my ideas useful. Do you have any self-care ideas that I haven’t mentioned, keeping in mind we’re focusing on free activities Today?

Thanks for reading!

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