Easter Activities for You and Your Family


Today I am sharing some inspiration to give you some ideas on Easter Activities for yourself and your family.

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Easter Activities

• Easter Colouring Pages

Let your kids enjoy themselves by colouring Easter themed pictures, or colour some yourself.

You can get free Easter colouring pages online, we’ve found some good ones you can visit here: Free Easter Colouring Pages

Easter Bingo

You could print out some Easter / Spring themed Cards and have a game of Bingo! We’ve found some on this website here: Spring themed Bingo

• Easter Egg Hunt

The most traditional game for easter has to be the egg hunt.

Simply hide eggs around your home and then see if those playing can find them. You could also give clues on paper to help them find the eggs.

This could be taken further by giving a prize to the person who has found the most eggs.

• Easter Escape Room

Have your own escape room experience at home. There are kits you can purchase online and print out. We found these on Etsy: Easter Escape Room Printables.

• Easter Greeting Card

It is quite easy to create a greeting card and you have a few different options to make one. You could draw, paint or glue materials onto a folded piece of paper / card. You could even print out pictures to glue onto your card.

• Planting Flowers

As Easter is in spring, why not plant some flowers and watch how they’ll grow throughout the season.


There are a few different activities you could do with the theme of decorating, so I have listed these below.

• Egg Decorating

You and your family can have fun and be creative by decorating eggs for Easter.

• Rock Painting

Another idea is to get a rock painting kit and decorate some rocks, maybe do an easter theme!

• Easter Bonnet

A popular tradition for easter is to purchase a bonnet and then use craft materials to decorate the bonnet. You can make some really beautiful bonnets and would be a cherished keepsake to mark the occasion.

I hope you have all enjoyed reading this article and that you are now armed with ideas to celebrate Easter. Let me know in the comments if any of these ideas have inspired you!

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