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Privacy Policy & Terms of Use

Digital File Terms and Uses:

The Digital Files we provide can be in .PNG , .JPEG and also provided in ZIP Folders. By downloading these files, you are agreeing that you know how to use them. This includes knowledge on how to Unzip Folders, Extract Files and use them for your desired outcome. We allow business use on all digital files, however we do not allow any re-selling or graphic design use of our products. You cannot giveaway, share, re-sell any of our files or claim them to be your own. This should be used for your own personal / business use and the user should not be able to gain access to all the files, they should always be fixed , static and unable to be retrieved by others.

How We Use Your Email Address / Collect your Email Address :

When subscribing to our mailing list on our website, this can be through the coupon wheel , opting into our list via a form , opting into our list to claim a freebie and so on. By doing this you are  agreeing to sign up to our list and giving us permission to send you emails about our company including discounts, new stock, latest updates and more. We promise not to spam you and we will only send you these types of emails when you opt in for anything. If you would like to unsubscribe at any time, please contact us. 

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