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Did you know that if you subscribe to our Newsletter we gift our amazing readers with exclusive free printables?

Our library of FREE printables are exclusive to our newsletter subscribers. It’s our way of saying thanks to our loyal readers {we really appreciate you all !} . If you’re not on the list, it’s time you joined us!


How do you get your hands on these sweet printables? If you are already an email subscriber, they are in your inbox. If you aren’t an email subscriber, join us! The printables (along with all of our other FREE printable sets) will automatically be sent to you once you’ve subscribed.

Then, just visit this page and type in the password we sent you via email to access and download your free printables.

Here’s how to become a newsletter subscriber and gain access to our password-protected printables download page.

1. Get on our list by sending us your email address (you’ll do that in just a sec).

2. Check your email for a welcome message from us. This welcome message will include a PASSWORD and a LINK.

3. Click on the link – it’ll take you to the printables download page. Enter your password on that page, and you’re in!

Ready to get started? Enter your email address below, then click on Sign Up!


What happens once I have signed up?

We’ll send you our newsletter via email , usually updating you on our juicy and useful blog posts.  Plus we'll keep you updated when we release more freebies. Every newsletter email will include a reminder about the link and password to our printables download page. You’ll also also be the first to know when new printables become available!

Will you share my email address with anyone else?


We care about your privacy, therefore we will not give out your email address to anyone else or sell your data.

I’m already on the list but I can’t access the printables page. Help!


Please ensure you have signed up to our newsletter by filling in the subscription form. Please ensure you have entered the correct email address and it is an email you have access to. Be sure to check all your folders, including spam and junk.


Still having trouble? feel free to contact us.


What software do I need to access the files?


No software is required, however you may need to download a PDF reader to access and read PDF Files. We recommend Adobe Acrobat, a free PDF reader.


You also need to unzip your files, as they are provided in zip format. We recommend using a computer / laptop etc to unzip them for best results. You may need to download an unzip app or programme if you canot extract your files on download. Search the mobile app store for unzipping apps on a mobile device.  A free unzipping program for pc and laptop is WinZip which you can get

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